Quick-Start Guide with Docker

Run Hello World example

When you start scikit-multiflow container with jupyter, you will find a Quick Start jupyter notebook.

For the scikit-multiflow container with python. There are two Hello World examples.

In hoeffding_tree.py, data is generated from WaveformGenerator.

In ht_from_file.py, data is generated from a csv file elec.csv.

Start scikit-multiflow Docker container

$ docker run -it skmultiflow/scikit-multiflow:latest

Run the Hoeffding Tree example :

$ python hoeffding_tree.py

Write your code and run it in scikit-multiflow container

It is possible to write and edit your code on your local machine and run it in the container.

First, create a work directory.

$ mkdir workdir

Second, you get the path of that directory. This will be the value of hostDir

$ cd workdir && pwd

In this example, let’s assume that this command returns the following path : /tmp/workdir

Next, you mount the directory with the following command and start scikit-multiflow container

$ docker run -it -v /tmp/workdir:/app --shm-size 2G skmultiflow/scikit-multiflow:latest

Let’s download some example to workdir directory. You can also write your own code.

$ wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/scikit-multiflow/scikit-multiflow/master/docker/examples/src/hoeffding_tree.py

Now, your files are synchronized with the container. just run it.

$ python hoeffding_tree.py